10 More Self-Care Tips from Our 2016 Passengers

As we wrapped up the summer of self-care on the Self-Care Boat, I asked readers to share some of their favorite ways to care for themselves.  Below is a list of 10 self-care ideas that will carry you through until next summer. Enjoy!

  1. Coloring when I feel stressed/anxious instead of eating. I love that this is a trend and you can find these coloring books designed for adults everywhere. -Heather
  2. Baby Foot is my new favorite self care product. No cracking heels for me! – Michelle
  3. My most critical one is going to bed at a reasonable time! – Sarah
  4. Self care for me is studying another language! – Cary
  5. I enjoy going for a walk and while I am walking I also enjoy praying and just listening to the birds singing and the trees blowing and just enjoying all of God’s creation. It’s just a beautiful time to have that peace that early in the morning.  – Sherry
  6. My self care nearly always involves the outdoors – a walk in the woods or just around the block. It helps me meet God too!   – Niki
  7. I have gotten up early for a long time now so that I would be able to read, pray, spend time with the Lord. But something I started doing this summer since I moved into my new house is to spend every morning pretty much without fail sitting on my back deck thanking God for how He has blessed me. Not just for a beautiful home, but for everything that comes to mind when I focus on Him. And the more I do this the more aware I am becoming of His presence in my life. 😊 – Deborah
  8. Self care activities I love:  Jazzercise!  Daily cup (or 3) of hot tea and essential oils – immune booster daily and eucalyptus at night helps me breathe so well.   – Deirdre
  9. Read at least one book a month… Gives me quiet time to feed my mind… – Michelle
  10. Doing a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. Big enough to get lost in, not so big that I lose interest.   – Catherine
Steven Mast