4th of July Self-Care Boat: Let Freedom Ring!


Greetings, Fellow Self-Care Boat Passengers!

We trust you’ve had an enjoyable two weeks drinking more water than usual and we’re eager to pass along the next self-care activity for your pleasure (and positive life change).

As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, you are invited to


Because we are at multiple points along the self-care journey and because our ship’s pool has multiple levels (see the Love Boat pool below),


you have the option of just dipping your toes in the shallow end OR you can go out to the deep end and take it further.  Here’s the menu:

Shallow End:

  1. Set yourself free from dry skin (especially crusty and cracked heels).  Moisturize with a creamy lotion at least once a day and cover your feet in socks after moisturizing at night to heal those dried out heels.
  2. Set yourself free from hole-y lingerie. Yes, I said it.  How many of us are hiding some worn out undergarments when we go out?  But… when we wear nice underwear, we are saying we are valuable and worth wearing “the good stuff” (even if no one sees it).  Hopefully, that will lead us to care for our body in other ways.  Now’s your chance to throw those old panties in the trash and go buy some new ones!

Deep End (for those who already have smooth skin/heels and wouldn’t dream of wearing underwear with holes):

  1. Set yourself free from negative self-talk.  Do you beat yourself up for overeating, for not exercising or for any other mistake you make in a day’s time?  May I suggest that you catch yourself in that moment of self-loathing and say something along the lines of “God accepts me and loves me.  I have other strengths.”  Be curious, not critical.  Gently ask yourself why you did something rather than saying, “I’m so terrible for doing _____.”

And that’s your assignment till July 18th!  Please choose ONE activity and focus on it.  And send pictures and updates along the way!  Maybe someone can send a before/after photo of their heels?? 

With best wishes for a freeing journey,

Joy Mast, Cruise Director

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

2 Corinthians 3:17

Steven Mast