All Aboard the Self-Care Boat!

Can I tell you a secret?

When I was a kid (and I’m talking a young kid – like, 10 years old), my favorite TV show was The Love Boat. Before you judge my mom for letting me watch such adult matter, keep in mind that I was her third and final child (and y’all know how that goes). Not only was I the baby who got the more lenient parents, I wore my mama out with my hyperactivity and constant questions.   I’m sure that, by Saturday night at 9pm, she was happy for me to sit my tail in front of Captain Stubing and just…be…QUIET!

The Love Boat offered my first lesson in World Geography (with ports in locations like Puerta Vallarta and Acapulco) and, of course, my favorite character was Julie, the cruise director.  Almost daily, I’d carry my clipboard out to our back porch and greet my pretend passengers as they boarded the “boat” of my house.

What does ANY of this have to do with you? Well, this summer I am going to be a “cruise director” again but I need your help.

Would you join me on the “Self-Care Boat” this summer? Every other Monday morning, from June 20 to September 21, I’ll send you a “self-care challenge” that, trust me, will be FUN but full of life-changing potential (just like The Love Boat!). Why are we going on The Self-Care Boat? Because when we take even the smallest steps toward self-care, we begin to value our bodies – and then we end up making positive changes with our eating, without even trying!

So, are you in?  Hit reply to this email or leave a comment at the blog to let us know!  And invite a friend!  That’s what they did on The Love Boat, after all.

Self-care, exciting and new… Come aboard, we’re expecting you!

Steven Mast