“Food, I’ll See You at Breakfast Time”: The After Supper Song

Are you a nightsnacker?  Do you make a regular habit of nightsnacking in front of the TV, computer, or other inanimate object when it’s really time to wrap things up for the day, brush your teeth and go to bed?  If you’re anything like our family,  you may want to sing a little song we’ve created for when it’s hard to get up and leave the dinner table.  Feel the passion of Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston as they sang “I Will Always Love You” and sing your way to a food-free evening!

*Quick defensive mom disclaimer: My 5-year-old doesn’t usually drink from a sippy cup – not sure what was going on here.  As for my 3-year-old, this behavior is totally the norm.  Good times.

Go here for the After Supper Song:

Steven Mast