“Just Enough”

“If you find honey, eat just enough– too much of it, and you will vomit.” Proverbs 25:16

I’m onto a new plan to stimulate my kid’s brain.  It’s called “GAP” and it looks like this:  in a week, my goal is get her into 1) a Game, 2) an Arts/craft and 3) a Puzzle.  That’s how I add a little structure to my generally haphazard parenting.

So, today was “P” with a farm puzzle and I stayed with her for the duration of this oversized, floor puzzle; otherwise, she’d lose interest and our weekly GAP would quickly fail.  But, today, we did it together and had fun and she stuck with the puzzle till the end.  When we finally finished, she said, “Can we do it again?”  Now, you think that sounds great and harmless but I know that, about 1/4 of the way into Round 2 of this puzzle, my Little Treasure would no longer be having fun and would bail on me.  I wasn’t interested in watching this decline so I said, “Sure, feel free to… but I’m outta here.”

It’s the same way with food.  One piece of cake tastes so good, so we want a second piece of cake, and then maybe some “slivers” of a third piece (and that’s the beginning of the food decline).  What if we knew how to get “just enough” of a good thing and then move on before it goes south?  I’ve had a habit in my life of “If I like doing it/eating it/being with you/listening to that song, well then, by gosh, let’s do it TILL WE SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT ANYMORE!!!!!”  It reminds me of Michael Jackson’s encouraging words, “Don’t stop till you get enough!” but, really, when is enough enough?  What if we found joy in having “just enough” and found a way to stop with an amount that made us feel good AND helped us stay in a healthy weight range, free to enjoy other activities, also in good moderation?

My friend Roberta says she’s learned to value “quality” over “quantity” when it comes to food.  Another friend told me that she has standards for which sweets she eats.  Apparently, she’d rather eat one homemade cookie than four packaged, store-bought cookies from the local Piggy Wiggly.  Hmm… what novel ideas…

Steven Mast