Leaving Folly

“I will listen to what God the LORD will say; he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants– but let them not return to folly.”  Psalm 85:8

Well, I have returned to folly.  Three, short months after the close of Releasity, my great practice of exercising four times a week and eating three veggies a day has disintegrated into drinking four cups of coffee a day and eating three servings of sweets in a week (give or take a few).  It’s amazing how DIFFERENT I feel in this shift of habits – and how much a right frame of mind and a plan could keep me on a healthier path.

The Psalmist says, “God promises peace to his people, his saints, but let them not return to folly”.  I miss God’s peace when I return to folly.  I miss peace when I’m not caring for my spirit and for my body.  I miss peace when I don’t meditate on God’s perspective on this life.  If I’m not eating in a balanced way (which includes veggies and sweets) or exercising a decent amount, I miss peace.  I miss peace when I’m not balancing the coffee consumption with tall glasses of cool water.    But, how can we not “return to folly” in order to experience the peace God wants for us, for our spirits and for our bodies?

Here are a few things that come to mind:

De-distract.  For me, this means not checking email, texts and Facebook for the first 90 minutes of the day so that I’m not “reacting” to the world around me;  learning how to say “no” to some non-essentials, and trying to “tune in” to God’s Spirit ordering my day.  I’m a sucker for good social opportunities when, really, I need to run some laundry and bring some order to my home.

Take time for some quiet time with God.  I’m currently reading Romans – a chapter a day is the goal, picking out a “nugget” to bring to mind and meditate on throughout the day.

Actually PLAN some non-folly.  It wouldn’t hurt me to pull out the calendar and WRITE DOWN when I’m going to exercise between here and Saturday.  And which veggies are we going to have with dinner tonight?

Get some accountability.  Who can I tell these things to, so that they can check on me in a few days to see if I’ve “returned to folly” or if I am coming into the peace that God promises?

How do you enter into God’s peace?  What steps do you take to “not return to folly”?  Let us hear from you!

Steven Mast