Let’s Get Physical with Olivia Newton-John on the Self-Care Boat!

Greetings, Passengers! As we embark on yet another two-week excursion into the sea of Self-Care, I couldn’t help but think about Olivia Newton-John and her Love Boat-era hit, “Let’s Get Physical”.  While I searched and searched for evidence that our friend Olivia actually guest starred on the Love Boat, I couldn’t find it.  Before I could become completely forlorn, I discovered that she did sing a cover of “The Love Boat” theme song for a 2011 Australian movie.  Could we be any luckier?!  I say “No”.

So, if you know anything about Olivia Newton-John and her epic song, “Let’s Get Physical”, then you know where this is headed.  People, it’s time to get physical on the Self-Care Boat.  If you already exercise regularly, give some high fives all around and say a prayer for the rest of us, okay?  No, really.

Before I talk about “getting physical”, let’s review the ways a woman who is “all in” on this Self-Care Boat is caring for herself this summer:

  1. She drinks a tall glass of water early in the morning.
  2. She moisturizes her skin, especially her heels.
  3. She no longer has panties, socks, or bras with holes in them.  And she is oh, so happy about that!
  4. She likes to sit at the table when she eats and even uses a nice place mat or table cloth from time to time.  Oh, and she might have flowers on her table, too.

Okay, let’s get physical!

I hear you.  Trust me.  My favorite past-time used to be watching a soap opera while surrounded by Sprite and a stash of Coconut Macaroons.  I was like my friend Thad who, when folks asked him if he ran, would say,  “Only when someone is chasing me!”

But, moving the body is good for the body and “good for the body” equals #self-care.  So, for the next two weeks, I am asking you to do some exercise that you actually enjoy.

Feel free to do any exercise you want to but my favorite, simplest “get physical” activity is to walk outdoors.  It’s an EASY crowd-pleaser and only requires good shoes and twenty minutes a day to feel (and see) results in a matter of just weeks.  You don’t even have to put on workout clothes if you don’t want to.  I generally walk ten minutes out from my starting place (my home, my office, my parked car if I pull over at a park on the way home from work) and then walk back the rest of the ten minutes.  I am not lying when I say that I feel better on the inside and firmer on the outside, simply because I have been walking 20 minutes a day for the past five weeks.  You can do this!

Here are a few tips for making this really do-able:

  1. Decide that “NOT EXERCISING IS NOT AN OPTION!”.  Write this on a post-it note by your bed so you can see it when you wake up.  Leave your exercise clothes by your bed so you can walk first thing in the morning – before you can talk yourself out of it!


    My workout clothes ever-so-neatly placed beside my bed.

  2. Get a buddy.  You can have a real-life buddy (think neighbor, co-worker, child, mom) or you can get a “text-ercise” buddy and send a message to that friend after your walk for a virtual “You go, girl!” high-5.  No excuses are allowed here because my last “text-ercise” buddies were 60+ and 70+ years old.  We can do this!
  3. If you have trouble with extra weight and the pain that walking may cause your knees,  start by walking a shorter amount of time or head over to Target/Wal-mart/Dick’s Sporting Good and buy some hand weights and start lifting those.
  4. Ask God to help you!  He loves you, cares about the one body He gave you and will give you His power and strength to follow through on moving your body.
  5. Whatever you do, do something.  We did not come on this cruise to sit in our cabins and watch The Price Is Right on our tiny TV’s.  Let’s get out there and play some shuffleboard!


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time

we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  

Galatians 6:9


I’d love to hear how it’s going with your self-care!  Please leave a comment on the blog by writing in the box below “Leave a Reply” that you’ll see at the bottom of this page.  Or you can head to Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment/picture with the hash tag #selfcareboat.

And if neither of those sound appealing to you,  just hit REPLY to let me know you haven’t thrown yourself overboard on this little excursion of ours!  I love hearing from you and how this cruise is making a real difference in your life. 


With warmest regards (literally because it’s 100 degrees where my Self-Care Boat is sailing),

Joy McCoy, Your Cruise Director

Steven Mast