Say a “YKC” for Releasity?

Anyone who’s old enough will remember the crazy hubbub that happened 16 years ago as the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31, 1999, heralding a new century.   The year we feared computers (or the world) might explode as we hit the year 2000 was dubbed “Y2K” and everyone quickly picked up on this abbreviation.  That is, everyone except my sweet, 85-year-old grandmother who called it “YK2”.  I loved to hear her call it “YK2” and adopted the abbreviation for myself.

That’s why this past Sunday, when my pastor preached on the part of the Lord’s Prayer when Jesus prayed, “Your Kingdom Come”,  this prayer got lodged in my head as “YKC” when I wrote it in my sermon notes.  Now, as I anticipate the Releasity class that’s starting tonight, my short-cut prayer has become “YKC”.  We want God’s healing, love and victory to come to the women in the group, just as it is in heaven.

Will you please pray for the women taking the course this spring?  When we cross your mind or, even better, if “YK2” happens upon your conversations (as it just might), please say a prayer for our group!

Oh, and the weekly blog will not be so weekly over the next eight weeks but you will hear from us!

Steven Mast