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Are you over being overweight? Do you want to eat “just enough” but can’t seem to do it alone? Our fun and supportive community will help you find the freedom God longs to give you. Through humorous teaching and honest sharing, you’ll learn how to overcome your battle with food and discover how your problem with food can be your pathway to God.



We ask God to help us wait for physical hunger before we eat and we ask him to help us eat “just enough”.


When we want to eat but aren’t physically hungry, we try to name the emotions we are feeling in that moment.


We tell our emotions to God and ask Him to comfort us, counsel us and keep us company through them.


We ask God to help us make a plan to pursue life beyond food – through relationships, healing and new activities.


Course Information

The Releasity course is an 8-week class where participants listen to teachings and share their thoughts and experiences in small groups.  The Releasity course is currently being adapted to book form. For more information or to learn if Releasity is right for you, send a message to


  • Connection with women who share your struggle with overeating

  • Learning why God isn’t mad at you and how He wants to help you!

  • Freedom from the rules of diets and negative self-talk

  • A return to following your natural, God-given hunger cues

  • An awareness of what you are feeling and how to effectively cope with life’s problems

  • Experiencing the power of prayer to overcome overeating

  • The value of self-care

  • An invitation to pursue life beyond food!

The Releasity course helped me break the connection between my painful emotions and my tendency to go to food for comfort.  I learned that my ‘problem with food’ really had nothing to do with the food.
— Deborah
What I loved about Releasity was the freedom to be me, the bond between the women that were there, the focus on losing weight with God’s help, (and) the laughter dealing with the heart of the issues.”
— Donna
I enjoyed Releasity because we were able to go through our journey with someone who had been through our journey, felt our pain and made it through…”
— Anna