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Some days call for Drastic Measures.


Somewhere between being born and being the age we are today, we learned that it’s a terrible thing to waste food.  There are children starving in this world, for crying out loud.  Sadly, the truth is that, when we eat more than we physically need, we are inviting other problems into our own lives (in addition to not directly helping the starving children of the world).  We don’t fit in our clothes and we have to buy more.  We begin to have medical expenses related to our weight problems.   I’m sure you can think of plenty other problems that result from eating more than we physically need.  The following videos will give you courage and help you laugh while saying “No, thank you” to excess food. 

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Episode 1

Learn how to take drastic measures with tempting food in this inaugural episode.

Episode 2

Our host shows us how to take drastic measures when food is available but not advantageous. Take a look!

Episode 3

Cool Whip pie and a frustrated woman star in this episode.

Episode 4

Releasity presents the latest episode of Drastic Measures, brought to you from outside a real garbage dump.

Episode 5

Drastic Measures: Holiday Episode, 2014

Episode 6

Do you have Super Bowl snacks left over in your kitchen? Today's Drastic Measures will help you keep it real about what is really a meal and what is, well, you know, "Super Bowl Snack".

Episode 7

"Food, I'll see you at breakfast time. Waiting for food is not a crime. Food, I'll see you at breakfast time."

Episode 8

The Co-worker Food Gift Dilemma

Episode 9

Victory is spelled "Free-toes" in this inaugural episode of the Drastic Measures Show.

Episode 10

This episode of Drastic Measures offers you a good reason to not hate the skinny people. We can learn from them! 

Episode 10

Join us for another Drastic Measure that will serve you well when the buffet is bigger than your eyes and your stomach! "Starting with half" may be just the tool you need to have self-control and eat "just enough" like God prescribes. 

Episode 11

Struggling with all that candy your kids just scored? Watch this video for a bit of good advice on how to not overdo it!